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Continuous visibility

Secure Active Directory And Eliminate Attack Paths Before Attackers Can Exploit Them

Detect And Respond To Active Directory Attacks In Real Time

Comprehensive Visibility

4M Cyber Security One helps your cybersecurity teams gain a unified view of all assets and associated software vulnerabilities, configuration vulnerabilities and entitlement vulnerabilities, whether on-prem or in the cloud, to understand where you are exposed to risk.


Predict & Prioritize

The platform helps security leaders anticipate the consequences of a cyber-attack by drawing upon the industry’s largest data set and understanding relationships between assets, exposures, privileges and threats across an attack path.


Effectively Communicate Cyber Risk

Security executives and business leaders have a centralized and business-aligned view of cyber risk. Clear KPIs show progress over time with benchmarking against external peers. The platform provides actionable insights into your overall cyber risk, with the ability to drill into departmental or operational units.