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Web Application Security

Simple, scalable and automated vulnerability scanning for web applications.

Create new scans in seconds and get actionable results in minutes with Web App Scanning

Take advantage of web application security built by the largest vulnerability research team in the industry.

From OWASP Top 10 risks to vulnerable web app components, 4mcybersecurity.com Web App Scanning provides comprehensive and accurate vulnerability scanning. Gain full visibility of IT, cloud and web application vulnerabilities in a single platform.

Also, with our solutions we can work as SAST or DAST to fulfil the customer needs, either from user engagement or source code perspective.

A breakthrough code scanning algorithm powers the static analysis engine in Contrast Scan, enabling teams to pinpoint exploitable vulnerabilities while ignoring those that pose no risk and only cause hours of needless triage. As a result, based on real-world scan results, Contrast Scan can shrink the amount of time to run scans by up to 10x.