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Operational Technology (Ot) Security

Ot And Ics Cyber Risk Management With 4M Cyber Security: Complete Visibility, Security And Compliance

4M Cyber Security is an industrial security solution for the modern industrial enterprise. 4M Cyber Security gives your organization the ability to identify your assets, communicate risk and prioritize action all while enabling IT and OT teams to work better together.

4M Cyber Security offers comprehensive security tools and reports for your IT and OT security personnel and engineers. It provides unmatched visibility across IT/OT operations and delivers deep situational awareness across all global sites and their respective assets—from Windows servers to PLC backplanes—in a single interface.

In-depth Asset Visibility

Immediately Discover All Devices On Your Network Whether They Are Active Or Dormant And Get Visibility Into Their Make, Model And Firmware Version.


Cyber Exposure Management

Track Risk Scores And Identify Vulnerable Assets Giving You A Simple Method To Mitigate Threats And Make The Best Use Of Your Security Team’s Time.


Streamlined Audits

Validate Configuration, Change Logs And Access Controls To Ensure Systems Are Compliant Against Corporate Policies.